2003 Foals 
Driftn Doc Rose
Reg. AQHA & NFQHA 86%. Grulla Filly
Sire:  Docs Driftn Bingo  NFQHA 91%
Dam:  Quincies Success  NFQHA 82%
King James Ransom
Reg. AQHA & NFQHA 99%; Palomino Colt 
Sire: Wind Walker King NFQHA 100%
Dam: Randles Fantasy  NFQHA 97%
Ransom is a golden palomino with a very light mane and tail.  
Sold - Congratulations to 
Patsy Rachor, Weston, OR

Hazel Dunit
Reg. AQHA;  Dun Filly; 74% Foundation
Sire:  Docs Driftn Bingo  NFQHA 91%
Dam:  Azus Quick Poke
For Sale - $3000
Howard Ranch
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Ace - AQHA/NFQHA Black Stallion
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2002 Foals
Driftn Shadow Dancer Born 4/2/03
AQHA - NFQHA (88%)
Grulla, loaded with dun factor.  She's show quality, a real pretty filly and is an AQHA Incentive Fund Foal.
Sire:  IA Spades Leapin Ace  - NFQHA 92%
Dam: Exkwizitly  Hand Dun - NFQHA 83%
Toffee Poco Perk
Reg. AQHA & NFQHA 88%; Dun Filly
Sire:  Docs Driftn Bingo  NfQHA 91%
Dam:  Patti Success  NFQHA 85%
IA Spades Leapin Ace
Exkwizitly Hand Dun
King James Ransom
Hazel Dunit
Docs Driftn Bingo
Docs Driftn Button 4/24/03
Will Reg with NFQHA  86%
This dun filly has a really cute little head, small ears, no white.  She's is just precious.  
Sire: Docs Driftn Bingo -  NFQHA 91%
Dam: Quincies Success - NFQHA 82%
Sold - Congratulations to
Liesl Wegener, Benton City, WA
Docs Driftn Bingo
Quincies Success
Docs Driftn Tiger Born 4/12/03
This filly is out of a grulla mare and a dun stallion.  She has the dorsal stripe with zebra stripes on her legs.  Nice filly, super hind quarters.  Should be really quick.  This filly has been sold, but the owner needs to sell her -  completely sound.  
Sold -  Congratulations to
Cassie Dunlap, Puyallup, WA
Docs Driftn Bingo
Azus Quick Poke
Docs Driftn Dawn Born 5/10/03
Will Reg. with NFQHA 85%
She is so friendly, always around and love attention.
She has dorsal stripe with tiger stripes on her leg and star.   She is a real sweetheart.
Sold - Congratulations to
Vicki Snedeker, Oregon City, OR
Miss Moxley Success
Bay Filly Born 5/4/03
Really well put together bay filly, very correct.  Super bloodlines on this girl.  AQHA Incentive Fund Foal.
Sire:  IA Spades  Leapin Ace  - Dam:  Randles Fantasy
Sold -  Congratulations to 
Deb McGuire, Everson, WA

IA Spades Leapin Ace
Randles Fantasy
AQHA  NFQHA Dun Stallion
2004 Foals
IA Spades Leapin Ace
Heidis Starburts
Smart Deuce Olena 5/13/03
AQHA - NFQHA (92%)
Buttermilk dun, with black mane & tail.  Deuce will be standing to a limited amount of mares for the 2005 breeding season.
Incentive Fund Foal.
Sire :  IA Spades Leapin Ace NFQHA 92%
Dam:  Heidis Starburst.
Smart Deuce Olena Stands for $500
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