2007 Foals
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Litle Jessie B Jazed
Randles Fantasy
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AQHA/NFQHA Dun Stallion
SMT Poco Chino
Buckskin filly born on April 2, 2007
True buckskin, she will be AQHA registered,  Incentive Fund eligible and qualifies for NFQHA at 88%
  Really is a very pretty colored filly.
Congratulations to Ginger Gunning
Benton City, WA

AQHA/NFQHA (84%) Bay mare
Smart Deuce Olena AQHA Dun Stallion
Rios Ladybug Reed
Nicely colored pinto filly, she is a registered pinto.   Cute and friendly, will make a great riding or show prospect. She sells sound. 
Congratulations to Carmen of
Benton City, WA

Annie Get Yer Gun
AQHA 2007 Dun Filly
Dun filly, will be AQHA registered and qualifies for NFQHA at 99%, she is eligible to show in the Oregon club futurity.
This is a really well put together and loaded with dun factor.
Sells sound. 
Congratulations to Jacalynn Pettit of
Orting, WA

Dust D Jazn Lena
IA Rio El Dorado
IA Rio El Dorado
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AQHA/NFQHA (82%) Black Mare
AQHA/NFQHA (89%) Black Mare
Smart Deuce Olena AQHA Dun Stallion
AQHA 2007 Black Filly
Real nice looking, well built and good working lines.
Congratulations to
Mogan Flint of Bend, OR
Hancock BoogieBlues AQHA Blue Roan Stallion
Puttn On the Fritz
AQHA 2007 Blue Roan Colt
Blue roan colt, will be AQHA registered and qualifies for NFQHA at 85%.
Really well put together and is a good sized colt, good solid working bloodlines.
Congratulations to Bob & Rose Weaver
Benton City, WA

Justa Poco Fantasy
AQHA Dun 2007 Filly
Born March 24, 2007
She is loaded with dun factor,  she will qualify for NFQHA at 94%, good solid working and showing bloodlines.
Sells sound. 
Congratulations to Susan Schouten
Whitesboro, TX

Jessie James Babe
Born March 24, 2007
AQHA Dun 2007 Filly
Congratulations to Pamela Husom of
Benton City, WA
Nic Light AQHA Palomino Stallion